David Bowie's golden years continue with re-issue series - Station to Station expanded for autumn 2010 release

Posted: 7th July 2010

Sometimes, we at allgigs hear information that goes beyond the realms of 'another tour by Brooklyn-based screamo metal-core pianist' (actually, that sounds quite interesting). Any news about David Bowie is worth reporting on, especially as he seems to have mislaid his microphone and backing-band these days. Gradually, his back catalogue has been re-issued, re-packaged and generally meddled with, resulting in another label having a crack a decade or so later.

Bowie's 1976 album, "Station to Station" will receive its first CD reassessment since 1991, when Rykodisc added just two extra tracks to the original tracklisting that includes "Golden Years" and "TVC15". Ignoring the lazy '24-Bit Remaster' in 1999 by EMI (no bonuses) and you have an important piece of rock-history just waiting to be re-awakened. EMI have finally appeared to have done justice with an incredible looking reissue of this album, due out on 20th September.

Two main formats will be made available, but the real juicy package comes as a 5-CD (five!) deluxe-set featuring the standard album given an analogue stereo mastering (in a mini-vinyl replica sleeve), a double CD of the infamous 'Live Nassau Coliseum '76' live bootleg (remastered of course), an EP of special single re-edits from original promos and singles, a copy of the 1985 CD re-master, a DVD containing 4 versions of STS and 3 further vinyl pressings of the album and the bootleg.

It'll weigh a ton, so the whole thing will come packaged in a box with various sleevenotes and archived pictures and press-packs.

I shudder to think what the price will be but I want one.

Paul Pledger