Another dose of the PiL - Public Image Limited return with more dates and new material for 2010

Posted: 7th July 2010

Who'd have thought it? John Lydon on the Breakfast sofa this morning on the BBC? Well it isn't every day you get someone on that program, exuding a bit of stary-eyed menace and articulate anti-politician vitriol is it? Besides this was business - there's a tour to be sold and songs to be sung, even the odd new one it seems. Lydon spoke briefly about his mum's treatment by the church during her death, his glee at the prospect of a coalition government to rip apart lyrically speaking and the probability of new recordings due to the success of the last tour. It was rather refreshing to hear "Death Disco" soundtracking my coffee-pouring.....

Now totally self-funded and without a label ("labels don't really serve a purpose anymore - they never did.... until they send you the bill at the end of the year"), PiL are keen to keep touring to keep the impetus going. Their next dates are not too far away with a few tickets left for Shepherd's Bush (19th July - £27.50), Bristol (20th), Oxford (21st), Leeds (23rd), Liverpool (24th) and Glasgow (26th), with the last five gigs costing £25 (don't forget the fees).

The last PiL album was "That What Is Not" in 1992, very much a 'rock' album with some top-notch tracks such as "Acid Drops", "Think Tank" and "Cruel". Whether the new material will veer back to the heady days of the experimental "Flowers Of Romance" or influential "Metal Box" albums remains to be seen, but you can bet it will be powerful and confrontationally thought-provoking as ever.

I saw them at Brixton last year - they were seriously good - see them.

Paul Pledger