Attack Attack! [US] Live Live! American metalcore band hits the UK for October 2010 tour

Posted: 7th July 2010

There are two bands called Attack Attack! Well, there aren't EXACTLY but you know what I mean. The Welsh version spells its name Attack! Attack! While the US band have dropped an exclamation mark from the first 'Attack', suggesting they obviously don't knee-jerk or panic quite as quickly as their Welsh counterparts when playing 'World of Warcraft' on the tour-bus. Maybe.

The US version are back on the road in the UK and a second self-titled album, just released in June. Their October tour begins in Birmingham on the 11th, followed by London (12th), Cardiff (13th), Newcastle (15th), Glasgow (16th), Manchester (17th), Leeds (18th), Norwich (19th) and Portsmouth (20th). Tickets go on sale at 9am this Friday and, blow me down, most of them are under a tenner (minus the fees).

The new album is a short, sharp blast to the ear-drums and features contributions from an electronic artist called Mcswagger (nope, me neither) and Jason Cameron of Bury Tomorrow. Quite what the track "Sexual Man Chocolate" is all about, we don't know. Perhaps you should see the band and judge for yourselves!

Paul Pledger