Don't know Jack? South-East London's Brockley Jack unveils Summer / Autumn 2010 season

Posted: 2nd July 2010

Tucked away in the relative confines of the Brockley Rise district in Lewisham, is a large pub called the Brockley Jack, with an adjoining small theatre of the same name that is starting to get a reputation for interesting and engaging productions. As we are based not a million miles away, we thought we should tell you a little bit about their forthcoming season of dramas, comedies and other attractions.

She Stoops to Conquer

Currently running until 10th July is the 'comedy-of-manners' written by Oliver Goldsmith, "She Stoops To Conquer". As with a few of Brockley Jack's productions, there is a modern update applied to this play originally set in the 18th century, whereby the inclusion of pop-music and greed come into play, evoking memories of the bad-side of the 80s. At the centre of it all is a casket of jewels and five young people, all wondering who will get what. Tickets are £12 with some seats left.

A House Bath

The theatre's next productions are a veritable smorgasbord - a French farce double-bill, featuring two works by Georges Feydeau. "A House Bath" is a short comedy that concerns the lady of the house having her bath run for her by the maid. She changes her mind, the maid jumps in the tub and the man of the house arrives home early. What could possibly go wrong? Another short comedy, "Madame's Late Mother", rounds off the evening. £11 - 13th to 17th July.

You Don't Kiss

Three plays with a social message take us up to the end of July and into August, starting with "You Don't Kiss". This concerns three men who meet in a London park, desperate for different things but all wanting a similar dream-like fairytale ending. £12 - 21st to 31st July. "Connection Failed" delves into the world of social-networking and the never-private world of dating. Six Welsh professionals try to find romance whilst juggling modern living. £12 - 3rd to 5th August. Euler's Circles is a play that considers disabilities, overlapping worlds and eBay, featuring three people whose lives intertwine as Rowena tries to make money by selling online and never leaving the flat. £12 - 17th to 28th August.


Finally for this first report, we have a modern update of Shakespeare's "Hamlet" presented by the forward-thinking Recognition Theatre Company. Hamlet wants to avenge his father's death by killing his uncle (who just happens to have also murdered his own brother and the King). Eventually, he begins to suffer from the throes of madness. As this is Shakespeare's longest play, this version has been adapted for modern audiences without removing the salient bits. £12 - 7th to 25th September.

Check below for the full list of upcoming productions. Nearest rail stations are Crofton Park and Honor Oak Park.

Paul Pledger