They've got the Power - Liverpool's original Cast line-up reunited for 2010 15th anniversary gigs

Posted: 25th June 2010
Cast - Image:

Nearly 10 years ago, popular Brit-pop ensemble Cast played their last live dates after the disappointing performance of their fourth album "Beetroot" and quit soon after. Perhaps naming your album after one of the most-maligned salad vegetables of all time was not a wise move - I've still got a purple stain on a t-shirt from a few years back. But it wasn't a bad album, Cast just fell out of favour with the wider audience.

But rewind a further few years and you have a Cast catalogue that equals three top 10 albums and 10 consecutive top 20 singles - impressive stuff. "Fine Time", "Sandstorm", "Flying" and "Free Me" were the staple diet of many a Radio 1 playlist in the mid-90s and thankfully lead-singer and songwriter John Power has recognized these jewels and announced a reformation of the band and, needless to say, a few dates.

Their four nights (so far) are 26th November in Manchester, 27th in Glasgow, 29th in Liverpool and 3rd December in Shepherd's Bush. Tickets go on sale NEXT Friday, 2nd July, at 9am and should shift pretty quickly.

John Power has been busy writing new songs for the past year or so, as well as performing acoustic sets around the UK, including Cast songs in his set (some of them new ones). Expect unheard material and maybe even an album before the year is out.

Paul Pledger