Kate Nash builds new foundations with Autumn 2010 UK/ Ireland tour, new single and new best friends

Posted: 23rd June 2010
Kate Nash

It's been 3 years since London-born Kate Nash started the steep and heady climb to stardom, overcoming a few wobbles on the way and releasing the fiendishly catchy "Foundations" single. Springboard label, Moshi Moshi, released her first single "Caroline's a Victim" as far back as 2005 and Nash hasn't looked back, well she hasn't had chance!

The bubbly songwriter now has a new album, "My Best Friend is You", a title that may have been levelled, to some degree, at Bernard Butler, the man in the production-chair and behind some of the soul-flavoured songs contained within. It's a departure of sorts and has already spawned a Top 20 hit in "Do Wah Doo", and another single is due for release from the album, this time "Kiss That Grrrl" due out on Monday 28th June.

On a larger scale, Kate is also out on tour in the autumn to follow up her iTunes Festival appearance in July. The new tour starts in Bexhill on 4th October and continues on to Oxford (5th), Birmingham (6th), Limerick (8th), Belfast (9th), Dublin (10th), Manchester (12th), Newcastle (13th), Glasgow (14th), Leeds (16th), Cambridge (17th) and Shepherd's Bush (18th) - tickets are on sale now, priced at £14 (£16.50 in London and around €22 for Ireland).

Paul Pledger