Totally Bizarro Winter 2010 UK tour announced for 21st anniversary of The Wedding Present's classic album

Posted: 16th June 2010
The Wedding Present

John Peel favourites and one of the finest and most energetic bands to come out of Yorkshire (Leeds to be exact), The Wedding Present were never far from a session, a gig or a compliment in the mid-80s. Their enigmatic lead-singer and writer David Gedge, could often be seen leaning over his guitar and jangling seven bells out of the poor thing, whilst reciting famous indie-classics like "Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft", "Anyone Can Make A Mistake" and "Nobody's Twisting Your Arm".

But reality hit home in the late 80s - their distributor Red Rhino forced them to take stock, shut down their own Reception label and head off to a Major, RCA. The first fruits of this era was a single "Kennedy" and its parent-album, "Bizarro" in 1989, with a second re-recorded single in the shape of the classic "Brassneck". "Bizarro" is an excellent album that has stood the test of time as well as providing the band with money, hits and a TOTP appearance I seem to remember.

Gedge and co are out on the road with a two-phase tour starting with a few dates in July and August, but now phase 2 has been announced with lots more gigs announced in November / December, beginning in Bournemouth on the 19th November and continuing on to places such as Portsmouth (20th Nov), Dublin (26th), Edinburgh (30th), Leeds (of course - 6th Dec) before ending up in London at KOKO on the 13th December. Check the full list below - some dates are still to go on sale (from Thursday 17th June, 9am) but some are purchasable right now at £13 approx. Enjoy.

Paul Pledger