Tickled Pink - feisty acrobatic singer wows IOW Festival increasing demand for UK and Ireland Funhouse 2010 Summer Tour

Posted: 15th June 2010

Well, if you happened to be at the Isle Of Wight Festival at the weekend, you may have gawped like a startled starling at Pink's pretty impressive stage show and set, a spectacle that began with her being 'blasted' out of a box being suspended 50-feet above the audience, 'flying' down to the stage-edge, pumping out "Let's Get This Party Started" and "Funhouse" before being catapulted above the crowd - in high-bloody-heels!. One remark from one viewer on YouTube simply says "certifiably nuts". Pretty impressive, I reckon. And yes, certifiably nuts as well.

Bearing all of this in mind, there are STILL a few tickets left for the remaining dates of her UK jaunt, entitled "Funhouse Summer Carnival Tour". You read about it right here last November, but you only have a few days left to grab tickets and, as a reminder, here are the dates once more:

Belfast on Wednesday, followed by Dublin (19th), Limerick (20th), Swansea (23rd), Coventry (24th), Glasgow (26th), Alton Towers (27th), Ipswich (29th) before her Wireless Festival 2010 appearance on 2nd July (in Hyde Park). Tickets for the UK dates range from £45 to £50, Ireland around €58 to €63 and Wireless is £47.50 - don't forget the fees! This is a full show and support is provided by VV Brown or Hockey (depending on location) and Ting Tings, Gossip and The Temper Trap (Wireless).

But who needs a support for a show like Pink's (obviously she needs some support several dozen feet above a crowd, but you know what I mean!)? Impressive stuff.

Paul Pledger