Ready to go? Republica reform, re-record hit and regroup for Summer 2010 UK reunion tour

Posted: 15th June 2010

Often scorned as one-hit wonders (which they weren't), Republica were a staple-diet of student-house parties and furniture adverts in the 90s. In fact "Ready to Go" was a phrase that could be applied to many products - package-holidays, Maccy Ds, trainers, loo rolls spring to mind - but, as a piece of jolly rock-fluff, it did the job and hung around for ages. Their next single was an even bigger hit - however, "Drop Dead Gorgeous" had a limited shelf-life and disappeared along with the debut self-titled album.

2010 sees the band have another crack with "Ready To Go" (remixed by Alan Moulder) and a set of dates around the UK, beginning in Poole on 8th August, continuing on to Leamington Spa (9th), Buckley (10th), Bilston (11th), Reading (12th) and Islington's Academy on the 13th. Tickets are on sale now and cost no more than £12.50 (plus fee).

Lead-singer Saffron is very much the front-woman, with founder member Tim Dorney on keys and new recruits Johnny Male (guitar) and Pete Riley (drums) providing the extra oomph. Since Republica's split in 1997 (after their disappointment at the chart performance of second album, "Speed Ballads"), she has lent her voice to tracks by Prodigy, Junkie XL and The Cure.

Paul Pledger