30 Seconds to Mars - Winter 2010 UK tour tickets on sale Friday 18th June

Posted: 15th June 2010

Jared Leto seems to have finally completed that difficult transition from actor-who-thinks-he's-a-rockstar to rockstar-who-does-some-acting and it's easy to forget just how hard a transition this can be. Just ask Keanu Reeves, actor and sometime bass player with, er, Dogstar.

30 Seconds to Mars was actually formed by Leto's brother Shannon back in 1998 and in the twelve years since, the band have produced just three albums and been embroiled in defending a now resolved but nonetheless unpleasant and hefty lawsuit brought by Virgin who claimed the band had not delivered the number of albums required by their contract.

In addition, Jared Leto has fought hard to avoid accusations of cashing-in on his Hollywood profile and the band has also battled against perceptions of 30 Seconds to Mars being a victory of style over substance - just three studio albums in a decade yet more than enough time to design themselves, complete with motto and hard marketing strategy.

It seemed at times that 30 Seconds to Mars were so pre-occupied with being a rock band that they almost forgot to produce any music. But they did, and now, Jared and Shannon Leto along with Tomo Milicevic have taken 30 Seconds to Mars from being just another US garage band to being capable of selling-out some of the largest venues the world has to offer.

Consequently, Leto and 30STM are coming to the UK later this year to play five dates that include London's O2 Arena (30th November), the NIA in Birmingham (1st December) and Manchester Central (4th December).

In addition, the short tour opens at the Brighton Centre on 29th November and also stops off in Aberdeen (AECC) on 3rd December before closing in Manchester.

Tickets go on sale Friday 18th June at 9AM, priced at £23.50 for London, £22 for all other dates.

Stewart Darkin