Check-in for your dance fix at the The Electric Hotel in London from 2nd June 2010

Posted: 26th May 2010

Hotties in nighties and panties, leaving their hats on? Be a voyeur of some sort and make sure you check-in to the Electric Hotel, from next week on.

What's that, then? A new dance theatre production, brought to you by big-wigs of the London stage: David Rosenberg (director and co-founder of Shunt), Frauke Requardt (choreographer, Pictures from an Exhibition at Sadler's Wells/Young Vic) and Borkur Jonsson (designer, Woyzeck at Barbican, Metamorphosis at Lyric Hammersmith).

The setting is a hotel (hence the title) and you, the viewer, can peep at all the action in all the rooms from the outside; not only peep, but even overhear, so to speak, what's happening inside, through the headphones provided. If this tickles your fancy, the rendez-vous is at Goods Way (Gasholder No.8) in King's Cross.

A night-time thrill, with all performances starting at 9.45 pm, which will cost you the reasonable sum of £15 per visit, the Electric Hotel opens on Wednesday 2nd June, running until Thursday 17th June.

Check the teaser - above, right…

Solange Moffi