Feeder for October 2010 'Renegades' UK tour

Posted: 25th May 2010

New sonic nuggets are to be fed to us by the mighty Feeder as the Welsh alt-rockers are about to release not one but two albums this year, starting with 'Renegades', due out on 5th July followed by an as-yet-untitled release later on.

Despite the recent departure of drummer, Mark Richardson (brought in after the untimely demise of original member Jon Lee in 2002), who, after making his final contribution on Renegades, chose to rejoin his freshly reformed original band, Skunk Anunsie, Feeder are still looking on the bright side.

This summer, they will perform a handful of shows: Norwich on 6th June, Belfast (18th August) and Dublin (19th August), before embarking on the actual Renegades tour in October (21st - 31st) via the cities of Leeds, Glasgow, Manchester, Wolverhampton, Bristol, London, Oxford and Southampton.

'Call Out', the first single off Renegades, is slated for 14th June and will be released on Feeder's own label, Big Teeth Records.

Tickets for the Renegades tour are on sale now, ranging from £22.00 to £25.00 (+booking fee), depending on the city.

Solange Moffi