Waving the pink flag - Wire get relentless for Summer 2010 MOJO Honours gig in London

Posted: 17th May 2010
Marc Almond - Image:

Their sound is indescribable, their lyrics sometimes indecipherable and their albums are influential. Wire are never anything except interesting, that's for sure, and if you haven't yet discovered where some of today's quirkier bands (Futureheads, Maximo Park, Foals and Radiohead) got their heady mixtures of arty arrangements and disturbing dark moments from, you could do worse than turn up for this one-off UK appearance next month, featuring a classic band from the realms of art-punk and electro-rock..

Wire will play London's Relentless Garage on 8th June with tickets just going on sale this morning for £22.50 plus fees.

The gig is all part of MOJO's Honours List series of evenings (see separate article) that stars Roy Harper, Richard Hawley, Marc Almond and John Grant (at Camden's Jazz Cafe) that sees the trio plus supporting musicians being given a respectful nod by the earnest monthly-magazine.

Although Wire haven't hit the heady-heights of fame during the last three-and-a-half decades, their early singles poked a finger in the eye of all the tired punk bands going "duh duh duh, we hate the government, oi oi oi", mixing bizarre time-steps, sneered vocals, riffs with rules and an unrivalled 'live' energy that belied their appearance. No safety-pins or bumflaps here, folks, just classic songs such as "Outdoor Miner", "Strange" (covered by REM), "I Am The Fly" (nicked by Elastica) and "12XU".

Later work, released via Mute, was no less-important although some key solo work certainly got avant-garde electro-heads into a lather - try relaxing through any of Bruce Gilbert's albums or nodding your head to any of Dome's unsettling sets and you'll see what I mean. But this night is all about Wire - get switched on.

Paul Pledger