The Big Chill 2010 gets bigger, not chillier: Thom Yorke, Hope Sandoval and Tinariwen join incredible line-up

Posted: 13th May 2010
Thom Yorke

Well, it was a little over a month ago that our very own Solange was getting all faint over the line up for The Big Chill 2010. Massive Attack, MIA, Plan B, Kelis, Roy Ayers and Dam-Funk are a pretty tasty bunch to consider seeing. But get this, BC-fans - the buggers have only gone and added another ridiculously enticing fistful of big yet eclectic names to the roster of dreams. It all happens on 5th to 8th August, tickets are still available (£155 adult weekender, £120 student weekender, £60 teen weekender and £4 kids weekender) so read on.

Thom Yorke. I mean, come on - the guy doesn't even get out of bed anymore for anything less than amazing and who can blame him? This is a real coup for Big Chill - his "Eraser" set surpassed many people's expectations with its skittering beats and glitchy music, not forgetting THAT forlorn voice. Gotta be worth considering now hasn't it, the Big Chill?

Hope Sandoval

OK, how about a few more acts? Hope Sandoval, ex-Mazzy Star icon whose very presence causes grown men to weep into their shandies and use their sandwiches as hankies. She has an unearthly voice and a back-catalogue of sorrowful paeans and poems, mostly co-written with David Roback her partner in 'the Mazzy'.

Tom Middleton

Further favourites now confirmed include Tom Middleton, whose Global Communication outfit partly inspired the whole chill-out scene of the 90s (and this very festival) with the landmark "76:14" album becoming a fixture in most people's poorly-erected tents and smoke-filled living-rooms.

Metronomy is another electronic ensemble straight out of the West Country - their name has been bandied about since 1999, but it's only through the album "Nights Out" and remix work for Zero 7, Klaxons and Goldfrapp that they have recently been given props.

Tinariwen complete the newbie line-up with sounds straight from the Tuareg, bringing their special brand of Sahara-rock to the fields of Eastnor.


Other personal highlights include Appleblim (tectonic house 'n' dubstep star on the rise), Alice Russell (velvet-tonsilled nu-soul), Breakage (old-skool drum 'n' bass-stepper), DJ Derek (he's over 60 but he loves dub, roots and lover's rock, yay!), Greg Wilson (Haccy legend and cut 'n' paste splice-meister), Kruder and Dorfmeister (downbeat kings), Port Isaac's Fisherman's Friends (shanty-singers, get in!) and Brian's brother Roger Eno, the man who composed one of the greatest ambient albums in "Voices".

I knew you'd like that line-up… and the news gets better for Glade Festival ticket holders…

Glade Festival Ticket Exchange!

With this week's announcement that Glade 2010 has been cancelled, those lovely Big Chilly people have announced a ticket exchange scheme:

Any festival goers who purchased full price Glade Festival tickets via Ticketline for £135, can contact Ticketline requesting to swap their Glade ticket for an Adult Weekend Big Chill ticket. Glade ticket holders will be charged an additional transaction fee of £7 per ticket swapped, meaning that they will get a Big Chill ticket which would have cost them £155 + £7 booking fee for £135 + £7 booking fee instead, saving them £20.

You really can't say fairer than that!!

Paul Pledger