The Secret Garden tour provides the key to a classic children's story for 2010

Posted: 12th May 2010

I remember being a young kid who really enjoyed reading, borrowing dozens of books and pouring over hundreds of stories under candle-light during the 70's power-cuts. I'd better take the books back I guess (ha ha, just kidding schools) - one book in particular on repeated borrow was Frances Hodgson Burnett's rather engaging and enchanting story, "The Secret Garden".

It tells the story of a troubled young girl who is forced to live on a country estate with a reclusive Uncle and a snivelling cousin, due to the death of her parents. She doesn't want to be there and they don't want her there and short of going stir-crazy, young Mary discovers a route to happiness, a gate to paradise and a means to escape - the Secret Garden. Within its walls, everything is different and far more beautiful than on the outside in the real world. Could the garden bring her adopted family together for once?

To find out, Heartbreak Theatre Productions invites you to an outdoor-presentation of the acclaimed tale at various stunning natural gardens (where else) around the country for a special Secret Garden tour. The organizers recommend that you take the kids, a picnic and a brolly.

Tickets are on sale now from around £12 upwards with performances confirmed from 18th June at Manchester's Waterside, via Galmpton, Devon (7th Aug) and many more until 21st August at Goodrich Castle in Herefordshire. See below for the complete list of open-air performances.

And if you fancy seeing the film version, why not pop along to the Lincoln School Of Performing Arts on the 30th May - and under a fiver! Take a cushion as it's floor seating.

Paul Pledger