Mod's law and scooter gangs - make these revival dates your target for 2010

Posted: 7th May 2010
The Lambrettas
I don't wanna be like everybody else. That's why I'm a mod, see? - Phil Daniels in Quadrophenia

One of the most enduring of British sub-cultures has been Mod and its numerous revivalist incarnations. Since the first Italian suits slipped off the back of a tailor's lorry in the late 50's and early 60's, England has always held the 'scene' either in a suspicious light or an element of passionate devotion. During the very-late 70s and early 80s, a brief Mod revival scene too place with several bands vying for the attentions of Lambretta-riders, parka-wearing kids' wallets including The Jam at the top of the tree. Lead-singer Paul Weller became "The Modfather" and the rest is history.

Another decade starts and TV compilations with Mod 'classics' on them are hitting the shelves again - and hitting the clubs again are those same 80s bands. It seems pertinent to round up the best of a decent bunch of gigs fast approaching. For ticket availability, click on the images, below, or scroll down for the full event listing.

The Lambrettas

We start with a band named after the famous scooter company, The Lambrettas. Famous for a few hits such as "Poison Ivy", "D-a-a-a-a-ance" and the (then) controversial "Another Day (Another Girl)", the boys play Congleton's Beat Route on 21st May (£8), Derby's Old Bell on 11th Jun (£12) and Rhondda's Cwmparc Parc Hall on 12th Jun (£15). They might not be touring forever so make this trio a must-see.

Secret Affair probably had the biggest successes out of all of the 80s set - "Time For Action" and "My World" were memorable little anthems, strengthened by minor hits "Let Your Heart Dance" and "Do You Know?", plus 3 moderately successful albums kept the bailiffs from the doors. The same sextet are back in 2010 for a quartet of dates in Brighton (29th May - £16 and a great place to see them, by the Brighton seafront), Belfast (18th Sep - £20), Sheffield (2nd Oct - £14.50) and London (with another band of Mod legends, The Purple Hearts - £20) on 23rd Oct.

Glasgow Mod Weekender 2010

If you are in Scotland in June you should try and make an effort to head to Glasgow's Mod Weekender 2010 on 25th / 26th. Tickets are dirt-cheap at £6 for each evening's entertainment which basically includes loads of DJs playing classic soul, ska, rhythm and blues and 60s/80s mod being played at Blackfriars and the Admiral Bar. However on Saturday 26th, the acclaimed new revival-band Big Boss Man will pull in the crowds with a free shindig in McChuills on the High Street. The same venue will also play host to record-stalls, retro-clothing and more guest DJs. There are also further free events on the Sunday (27th).

Paul Weller

Finally, we can't leave without mentioning the man Weller, can we? He is all over the place this summer (Royal Albert Hall, V Festival and a solo tour in November), but none more so than on the Isle of Wight at the Summer Madness 2010 Day Fest on 29th August. Tickets have just gone on sale, priced at £40. Joining him on the day will be the forgotten (but probably best) sons of Mod, The Chords. They might start touring again if they get a good reception - surely they will wheel out "In My Street" for old time's sake.

Happy scootering.

Paul Pledger