Marina and the Diamonds sparkle with October/ November 2010 UK dates just announced

Posted: 4th May 2010

She's been flashing her 'Family Jewels' all over the place for some time and Marina is set to do it all over again in the Autumn with new dates just announced. At the moment it is just a trio of gigs in Norwich on 20th October, Southport on the 21st and Leeds on the 5th November and the more observant among you can deduce that the gap between Merseyside and East Anglia may well be filled by more sparkly nights.

Anyway, the three nights will go on sale at 9am, Friday 7th May priced at £15 and if you think Oct / Nov are a long way off then be warned - the lady has sold out many dates before.

Talking of which, her next bout of nights begins on 12th May in Birmingham and is, guess what, sold out (aside from returns) as indeed are all of her May dates except Leeds with a limited amount up for grabs for at £10 plus fees.

In addition to hitting the road, Marina and her occasional backing band the Diamonds have recently released a new EP of various remixes of "I Am Not A Robot" (taken from the album and effectively a reissue) including one version by Passion Pit. The download EP is currently number 26 in the singles chart.

Paul Pledger