Dan Reed starts networking with extensive Summer 2010 UK tour - tickets now on sale

Posted: 29th April 2010

Once upon a time in the 80s, funk-metal was born with many bands turning up the bass and drum in direct competition with the vocal and guitar. Some bands could cut it, some were poo - Fishbone, Primus and the Chili Peppers were all the best of a varied bunch (don't get me started on Limp Bizkit). Dan Reed Network were kind-of caught up in the melee and, to be fair, sometimes without justification since a lot of their output was straight rock. Their label Mercury never quite knew what to do with them and they slipped away from the UK eye [and ear - Ed]. End of story. Almost.

Cut to 2009 and Dan Reed assembles a new touring band and announces work on a brand new album called "Coming Up For Air". 2010 arrives and it's all finished, ready for release on 24th May. A tour, you ask? Oh yes (nods the Churchill dog)...

Reed hits the UK in May with the run beginning in Stoke on the 23rd, continuing to Liverpool (24th), Cambridge (26th), Dudley (28th), Glasgow (29th), Newcastle (30th), Manchester (31st), York (2nd June), Grimsby (3rd) and finally Sheffield on the 4th. Tickets are on sale for around £13 plus fees.

As well as the album, a single entitled "Closer" is due for release in time for the tour - you can also expect many DNR classics during the evening(s).

Paul Pledger