Scouting for Girls go to the woods (but not Scouting) for July 2010

Posted: 27th April 2010
Scouting for Girls

If you thought the coolest wood scenario ever would be Tiger Woods and Woody Allen playing golf with a 3-wood in Sherwood Forest whilst watching The Woodsman then think again. Oh yes, 'cos London 3 piece pop-rockers Scouting for Girls have announced they will headline one of the coveted spots at this summer's Forestry Commission Live Music 2010 shows at Suffolk's Thetford Forest.

The yearly events take place in various UK woodland areas over the summer and are a brilliant mix of music, outdoor activities and food/ drink for a great family day out and Thetford Forest is one of its prime locations. The 'She's So Lovely' rocksters join such top acts as Keane, The Doves, Katie Melua, Simply Red and The Saturdays to headline a Thetford Forest evening on 8th July.

Tickets start at £26.50 general admission and are on sale Thursday 29th April at 9AM. You'd be mad to miss it. And I know mad, I wrote the opening sentence!

Patrick McKiernan