Crisis? What Crisis? Supertramp announce October 2010 O2 Arena Anniversary date - minus Hodgson...

Posted: 22nd April 2010

Oh Supertramp, what are we going to do with you? The original founder-members of this hugely successful English rock-band are still on different terms, musically, and show little sign of 'kissing and making up' for a reunion, certainly not for 2010 anyway.

And so we find Roger Hodgson, composer of the bigger hits, gallivanting around Europe at the same time as Rick Davies doing exactly the same with the name Supertramp. Look lads, call each other, go for lunch, life is too short... every time I slip the live album "Paris" on, I marvel at how damn good they were and still could be. No? Suit yourselves ... "Goodbye Stranger" seems a little too apt sometimes...

But it's 'hello Supertramp' in October as Davies brings some of the classics with him to the O2 Arena on the 6th. Tickets are on sale now and cost £42.50 upwards. When I say 'some classics' I mean just that, since a gentleman's agreement between Hodgson and Davies some years ago was supposed to effectively divide up the catalogue between them for live purposes. It hasn't really happened to be honest, so rest assured that you'll no doubt hear a proportion of biggies, but without the falsetto of Mr Hodgson in tow.

Talking of whom, young Roger will be flitting around the rest of Europe during the summer but, sadly, not in the UK. However, for the price of a Eurostar ticket, you can see him in Brussels on the 14th August and Paris on the 24th September.

Update: Dublin date added!

Another O2 Arena date has been added - this one at the Dublin O2 Arena on 8th October. Tickets are priced between €44.20 - €76.25 + fees, on sale now.

Paul Pledger