So near, so Spa - big names join the Assembly in Leamington Spa for Spring/ Summer 2010 gigs

Posted: 21st April 2010
Rick Wakeman

It's not often we feature a particular venue, but, when we checked Leamington Spa Assembly's rather fetching roll-call for the next couple of months, it seemed rude not to pick out some highlights for you. For a Georgian town with a population of under 50,000, famous for gaming developers, Aleister Crowley and a founder-member of Bolt Thrower (Gavin Ward) and home to the band Nizlopi (remember their number one hit, "JCB Song"?), you'd be forgiven for thinking there is sod-all to see in the town. You'd be quite wrong - read on. (All listings are subject to the activities of one big smoking hill in Iceland).

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

This next week or so sees indie-rockers Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, jingle-jangle posters The Primitives, perky Nerina Pallot, British heavy-metal legends UFO and crusty-rebels The Levellers appear at the venue and that's just for starters.

Rick Wakeman

New tickets have been confirmed for the lords-of-goth Sisters Of Mercy (their only confirmed UK appearance in 2010) on 3rd August, grumpy old prog-rocker Rick Wakeman on the 12th August and ex-Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett for the 21st November (see our earlier article on his tour).

The Sisters of Mercy

The real coup here is the date from Sisters Of Mercy, led by Andrew Eldritch, whose classic brand of orchestral and electronic pomp-rock is unrivalled (despite the pretenders out there) and hugely influential, especially across Europe. "Floodland", "Vision Thing" and "First and Last and Always" led the way in the early to mid 80s and the band still wheel out these gems in concert. £25 for tickets and available now - be quick.


The Assembly rightfully won the Music Week Top Venue Award for 2010 and their choice of popular, cultish acts is certainly paying off. Other choice nights come courtesy of Alabama 3 (11th May), The Damned (22nd May), sparky Imelda May (23rd May), Goldfrapp (8th June), sweet-tonsilled folk-princess Cara Dillon (1st July), the legendary Rickie Lee Jones (5th July), dutch prog-masters Focus (22nd July), Dean Friedman (26th Sep) and the blues-maestro Walter Trout (17th Oct). Tickets vary in price but are generally around the £20 mark.

Check below for the full line-up of Assembly dates heading your way soon.

Paul Pledger