We Will Rock You - Queen spectacular hits Manchester for the 2010 Christmas season

Posted: 20th April 2010
We Will Rock You

"He's just a poor boy / from a poor family" - No it's not a line from Mr Cameron's biog, but a very familiar lyrical excerpt from one of the most celebrated rock classics, 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. The legacy of Queen has continued with as strongly as when a certain Mr Mercury was alive, due in part to 'We Will Rock You', the stage show that brings many Queen songs to life.

Now for Christmas, 'We Will Rock You' will head up to Manchester with a new cast and a six-week run beginning on Friday 3rd December and ending on Saturday 15th January 2011, after which Southampton will be the next port of call in Spring 2011.

Tickets for Manchester go on sale at 9am Friday 23rd April.

The successful musical has remained a favourite despite being panned by critics on its debut in 2002 - what do they know, eh? With a plot that integrates many lyrical reference points (the hero is called Galileo for example), it's a familiar story of good Vs evil in a world that has becoming uniform and monotone with everybody wearing the same clothes, watching the same movies and absolutely forbidden from rocking out. The state computer pumps out tailor-made pop pap and hits are pre-programmed to be hits in advance and … hang on, doesn't this sound like reality anyway? I digress - the rebel hero arrives to save the day etc etc and liberate those who dare to play actual real instruments (that's Simon Cowell stuffed then).

So, if you want to break free this Christmas, get booking now and head to the Palace Theatre for an ideal Festive night out.

Paul Pledger