Suede's in fashion - Brett and co stay together for exclusive O2 date in December 2010

Posted: 20th April 2010

I knew it - I just knew it. No sooner had Suede put their guitars and keyboards back on the tour truck, another 'live' opportunity turns up, only this time at a very different venue to the Royal Albert Hall.

Yep, Brett and the boys will play at the O2 Arena, London on the 7th December and it doesn't take a genius to work out that a) the tickets will cause servers to fall over [not ours! - Ed] and b) they'll probably announce more dates for 2011 (well, here's hoping). Tickets for this gig (£30 + booking fee) will go on sale at 9am this Friday (23rd). Gah - just when you thought your credit card had healed its financial wounds as well.

Their recent Cancer Trust show was hysterically received by pretty much the whole audience (including a few of my friends who opted to 'tweet' every bloody song-title that sparked up. Mind you, it was a set-list worth getting all damp over: 'Trash', 'Animal Nitrate', 'Filmstar', 'Beautiful Ones', 'Metal Mickey' and one of my favourites from 'Coming Up', 'Saturday Night'. Will they wheel out the same songs next time? You'd best get clicking eh?

Paul Pledger