Join the Front Line Assembly - Pioneering tech-metal outfit get a caustic grip on the UK in 2010

Posted: 18th April 2010

Cast your mind back to when metal was metal and electronic dance music meant New Order or Depeche Mode - chuck the two together and you have Electronic Body Music (often termed Industrial). Crank up the jack-hammer beats, throw in some samples and growl rather than sing the lyrics and you have Front Line Assembly, a Canadian duo-cum-quintet-cum-duo again and now a septet who were admittedly not the first to make this music (DAF and SPK kind-of come to mind) but they added a bit of, well, crunch and programmed rhythms from the bowels of their machines and provided a benchmark for Nine Inch Nails and the like.

FLA is back for the first time in 3 years with three UK dates that you simply have to go to. Supported by Je$us Loves Amerika, the lads play Sheffield on the 18th July, Glasgow on the 19th and Islington on the 20th with tickets costing £15 for London and Glasgow, £12.50 for Sheffield. Tickets are available right now.

There is the possibility of a new FLA album before the year is out (expected to be called 'Improvised Electronic Device'), but if you want to check out their previous then start with 'Corrosion' from 1988, continue with 'Caustic Grip' from 1990 and 'Tactical Neural Implant' from 1992 and finish with a taste of 'Millennium' from 1994. The 1992 album spawned a classic single and accompanying video for 'Mindphaser', a sci-fi short that was all over MTV like a rash back in the day (it cost a packet to make). Their most recent set was 2006's 'Artificial Soldier'.

Get in quick - the tickets will fly out.

Paul Pledger