Bonnie Prince Billy Announces Special Summer 2010 UK Dates for A Wonder Show of the World

Posted: 8th April 2010

American singer-songwriter Will Oldham has recorded under dozens of different guises including Palace Brothers, Palace Music and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy with a further stream of collaborators. This year he has hooked up with a Californian musician, one Emmett Kelly, otherwise known as The Cairo Gang, to deliver another volume of stark melodies with minimal orchestration and maximum love and emotion. Titled 'The Wonder Show of the World', it was released last month which normally means there is a tour involved, albeit a small one.

Oldham is all set to play three gigs in the summer, one of which has tickets available now - Belfast on 27th July, priced at £17. In addition, and with tickets on sale tomorrow (Friday 9th April) at 9am, are two more dates confirmed for 3rd August in Manchester (at the Cathedral, could be interesting - £21.50) and the fourth at the Shepherd's Bush Empire (£22.50).

Our own Elly Roberts lost control of his packet of superlatives last year when assessing the solo 'Beware' album last year, describing it as "rustic simplicity - gorgeous" - expect a hushed audience at these gigs (well, here's hoping).

Paul Pledger