Waterloo's Eurostar terminal revived for Summer 2010 performances of The Railway Children

Posted: 24th March 2010
The train now arrived at platform 1 stars in the railway children.

Kids love trains. Fact. So do some adults, except the ones who have to travel on them with other adults. The chances, however, of actually catching a train that runs to time is rarer than a snake's knuckles - until now, that is. Waterloo Station is bringing a service that can't fail to be punctual, even during the height of summer.

'The Railway Children' is one of the most-loved family stories ever written. As a book, a TV series and as a film, the story about a group of young friends who are moved to a house next to the railway after their father is imprisoned, wrongly, for supplying state secrets to the 'other side' seemed to hit home and it has been a success with generations for over a century.

Now you can see it being portrayed on a new kind of stage - the old Eurostar terminal in Waterloo Station from 4th July until 5th September. The audience are seated either side of a real moving set in the form of platforms, a station and a train on real tracks. The production has already played at the National Railway Museum in York to huge acclaim, as well as providing awareness and a cut of the ticket sales to the children's welfare-charity, Railway Children.

This is a truly unique and enjoyable set-up and tickets are available now priced at £19.50 upwards, with premier seats costing £59.50 (plus fees). Curly sandwiches and gum on the seats not included.

In addition to the production above, there is also a musical version coming to Felixstowe's Spa Pavilion in December (2nd to 5th). Tickets are priced at £13.50 for what is also bound to be another enchanting evening.

Paul Pledger