The Atticus Black Tour: Ten Second Epic, Blitz Kids, Cars on Fire - tickets on sale now for just a fiver!

Posted: 23rd March 2010

The Atticus Black Tour is hitting the UK with three tip top bands for the price of one. The Trendy Clothing label is putting on a rock revue spread all over May 2010 and the line-up sees Canada five piece 'Ten Second Epic' join forces with Bristol rockers 'Cars On Fire' and Metal/Punk Outfit 'Blitz Kids' to give the listening audience a top night of musical diversity and, more importantly, a good excuse to jump like a mad fool.

The groups hit these shores in May and play in many venues including the Rock City in Nottingham (May 5th), the 02 in Birmingham (May 8th) and The Academy in Islington, London (May 15th). With many more venues to see them hit the stage (see the list below) it would almost be harder to miss them and the even better news is that the gigs are being practically given away, with all of the gigs giving you change from a ten bob note.

So its not only rock happy but recession friendly. You gotta love these guys. Don't ya? If you do then click the links below to show it in person. Tickets are on sale right now.

Patrick McKiernan