British rapper Scroobius Pip to release illustrated book 'Poetry in (e)motion', 26th March 2010

Posted: 19th March 2010

For those not in the know, Scroobius Pip is one of the UK's foremost alternative rappers - one half of 'Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip' - the half that provides the socially-aware lyrics, with Dan le Sac supplying the beats.

Alternative Hip Hop? Yes kiddies, that means no guns, bling, hoes or any other gardening implements make it as the subject matter in his rhymes, which are backed by a variety of jazz-influenced riffs or straight-ahead Hip Hop. Scroob's delivery is more urban poetry than traditional rap, which means a book of poetry makes perfect sense - with an illustrated book of poetry providing the cherry on the metaphorical cake.

And the really clever part of it is that the illustrations have been provided by his multitude of fans, responding to challenge laid-down by Scroobius to create their own visual representations of his tracks. The illustrations range from rough-and-ready to uber-slick creations.

The pair had massive YouTube success (twice over after the De La Soul Remix) with the track "Thou Shalt Always Kill", a song which bemoans the state of the vacuous, "want it all now", star-struck, media-dependent society. In fact, there is very little not attacked by Scroobius Pip - with all of it being fair game. This week, their second official album 'The Logic of Chance' was released on Rob da Bank's label Sunday Best.

You can catch Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip on the road in the coming few weeks, but note that if you haven't already secured yourself some tickets, you may be out of luck as the only gigs remaining that are not now sold out are those in: Liverpool, Bristol, Brighton, Derry and Belfast.

Poetry in (e)motion is released on 26th March via Titan Books, retailing for around £10 (Amazon currently have it listed at £6.99 but are awaiting stock for pre-order).

Daniel O'Connell