Beer Was It? Pub Landlord Al Murray Serves Up a 'Barrel of Fun' for Autumn 2010 UK/ Ireland tour

Posted: 12th March 2010
Al Murray

Ah that most British of customs, that most bullish of bulldogs and most traditional of traditions - no I'm not talking about binge drinking, I'm talking about a man indirectly responsible for shriveling our kidneys and tickling our funny bones. Ladies and gentlemen, please raise your glasses (pint glasses only) to Al Murray, The Pub Landlord.

From what seemed like a one-gag act, Murray's charm, diplomacy and sophistication hasn't been lost on the GBP (Great British Pubgoers) and he sells out venues as quickly as he can hang his name above the door.

October will see the beginning of a UK tour for the genial funny man starting with a sing-song in Cardiff on the 5th, a bit of the craic in Dublin on the 8th, a good old knees-up in London on the 10th and a load of laughter lock-ins all over the shop until Newcastle on November 30th. Tickets are around £28 depending on location and are on sale now.


Paul Pledger