Ian Brown has Some Unfinished Mancy Business - Warehouse Project All Dayer for June 2010

Posted: 3rd March 2010
Ian Brown - Image:

One of the North-West's most influential musicians returns to his yard for a special early-summer show, as well as a whole gaggle of top-notch acts from his own career and region. The event will run from 4.30pm until 11.30pm on June 11th at the Platt Fields Park, Fallowfield in South Manchester (nearest rail, Levenshulme) and tickets will be on sale tomorrow, Thursday 4th March at 9am, priced at £25 for strictly limited Early Birds or £28.50 for standard ones.

Brown's legacy has already been well-mapped out in the annals of UK music history - Stone Roses front-man, solo success throughout and numerous sell-out tours, the bloke talks the talk and swaggers the swagger with some justification. His recent 'My Way' album was a return to form, heightened by the excellent 'Stellify' single released in 2009. His entire catalogue will remain relevant all the way - go and see why.

You'll have noticed that the event starts in the late afternoon - well, he's not playing for 6 hours is he? It's time to real in some impressive support to make it a real show. It's like a who's who of Manchester nightlife. UNKLE aren't actually from Manchester itself (main-man James Lavelle is from Oxford) but they have collaborated on several Brown songs over the course of the last decade so it's fitting they have pride of place on the bill. New album in May, by the way!

Bad Lieutenant most definitely are from the local area, although ex-New Order frontman Bernard Sumner hails from Salford and ex-New Order drummer Steven Morris originates from Macclesfield. Their recent album has slowly gathered pleasing reviews, but it's their live sets that have been anything but predictable. 'Twist Of Fate' has recently been issued as a single and they have recently performed with Pet Shop Boys. Another ex-New Order musician, Peter Hook, will also be Djing during the day, though probably not with Bad Lieutenant in front of him (but never say never, I always say).

Turntablists Scratch Perverts, Hacienda legend Mike Pickering and Mr Scruff will also be DJing as well as the Now Wave DJs and Justin Robertson.

Two further bands I recommend that you see are The Whip and A Certain Ratio. The former have a tough electro-rock sound and have also previously worked with Editors, Paul Hartnoll (Orbital) and Sons and Daughters as well as chalking up a Top 40 album chart-placing in 2008 with their own 'X Marks Destination'. Regular readers of this site will raise their eyes to heaven at me raving about A Certain Ratio yet again, but I really can't recommend them enough and as a live force they are unrivalled, quite frankly. Just get there earlier, get down the front, take a whistle and wiggle your arse to 'Do The Du', 'Shack Up' and a bit of Brazilian influence mixed in with all that funk!

Excellent bill from Warehouse Project - good luck in the morning with the tickets! 9am sharp!

Paul Pledger