Luka Here - That Lass Vega's Back With a New Album and 2010 UK Tour

Posted: 26th February 2010
Suzanne Vega

It's been a long time since Suzanne Vega graced the charts and national radio, well certainly not since Wogan's departure from the breakfast slot on Radio 2. Her gentle yet spiky blend of pop was a staple diet of Guardian readers in Clapham for some time during the mid 80s - mid 90s, but has slipped under the radar of late.

Good news Vega fans, she is back with a new collection of her most personal songs and a tour to support it. The album is a new compilation of her love songs, rerecorded in acoustic style and released as a snapshot of her most personal music. How she only chose 12 songs for 'Close-Up Volume 1' I don't know, but the clue is in the title with a strong suggestion that further volumes will appear (due to be four in the series in total). Songs include 'Caramel', 'Gypsy', 'Marlene on the Wall' and 'Headshots', performed by Suzanne on guitar - nice and simple.

The 'Close-Up' tour begins in Ireland first of all at Kerry's Gleneagles on June 9th and Dublin's Village on the 10th before flying down to the Isle Of Wight on the 13th. Salford, London, Basingstoke, Birmingham, Gateshead and finally Glasgow will also play host to her intimate shows. Tickets cost around €27 for the Irish concerts and from £25 in the UK.

Paul Pledger