What a Mighty Good Manford - Comic Jason Manford Adds a Fringe to yet More 2010/ 2011 UK Dates

Posted: 26th February 2010
Jason Manford - Image:

Comedians, eh? What are they like? Funny, perhaps? Good job really, since the buggers seem to be on a constant touring-programme these days. Peter Kay is on tour until 2089 and visits Neptune for the first time in 2057, Ricky Gervais has just become ruler of half of the Pacific colonies so that he can tour round them for the rest of his life and even John Bishop has a residency standing up until he draws his pension. OK, slight exaggeration in the last paragraph - Bishop will probably have a sit-down for his tea but, apart from that, he seems to be working hard to make a living and fair play.

Another comedian has joined the ranks of the never-unemployed and that man is Jason Manford, the dry Mancunian who started out as a DJ on XFM but switched to comedy after gaining inspiration from Billy Connolly and Les Dawson. After winning several awards since 1999, he has moved across to television and the satire quiz '8 Out of 10 Cats' has provided him with a home since 2008. He surely reached crossover status by appearing on 'Saturday Kitchen' and ending up with Hell at the end of the show. Watching a comedian struggle with freshly-cooked cauliflower is always a treat on a Saturday morning.

No florets for Manford over the next year or so as the man is now playing from March 11th (Belfast), right up until April 2011 (Manchester). In between, however, he has announced some newer dates to keep his audience satisfied. These include Middlesbrough on July 17th, five gigs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August, extra dates in many previously-announced towns and cities throughout including Birmingham, the Wirral, Torquay and Inverness as well as an Ormond Street charity bash in London (O2) on March 30th with Alan Carr and Bill Bailey. The extra dates are all available now and selling fast, especially the Edinburgh Fringe ones just added!

Paul Pledger