Need Therapy? - Northern-Irish Power-Rock Band Set Up Water Rats Residency for March 2010

Posted: 25th February 2010

Ah, the all important '?' - what fun I had trying to find 'Therapy?' on the search menu on Virgin Megastore's instore information system (it didn't seem to like the question mark at the end). The band has made triply sure that you can find them with their next live dates - they have confirmed 3 dates at the London venue, Monto Water Rats (sort of King's Cross area) from 29th until 31st March 2010.

Andy Cairns and co will play a different set every night, each culled from different stages of their extensive career (roughly 20 years-worth) with the eventual pile of choices being assembled for a future live album project (surprisingly their first one). Yay indeed. No doubt their evenings will be fast and frenetic with classics such as 'Teethgrinder', 'Trigger Inside', 'Die Laughing' and the recent 'Crooked Timber' single. Their commercial peak was between 1992 and 1998 with cracking albums like 'Nurse', 'Troublegum' and 'Infernal Love' being mainstays in most student CD/LP collections.

Tickets have just gone on sale and cost £15 per night. I remember seeing them around the time of 'Trigger Inside' in 1994 (must have been Norwich UEA) and they really were BLOODY LOUD and tight as a gnat's crack.

Paul Pledger