The Wonder Stuff added to Bearded Theory Festival 2010 line-up

Posted: 10th February 2010
The Wonder Stuff

In the late eighties and early nineties, Miles Hunt's band of West Midlands indie minstrels, The Wonder Stuff, enjoyed pride of place amongst the record collection of many a clouded teenager.

Their sprightly blend of indie guitars and high tempo beats bothered the eighteenth birthday parties of virtually every child of the early seventies who was, by 1989, no doubt 'rebelling' against 'the system' and writing as much on their chemistry folders.

Indie anthems like 'Don't Let Me Down, Gently' and 'Give, Give, Give, More, More, More' jostled with the sounds of EMF, Pop Will Eat Itself (friends of Hunt), Jesus Jones and Ned's Atomic Dustbin for the hearts and minds of introspective spotty oiks across the land.

Into the nineties, The Wonder Stuff enjoyed wider commercial success, not least a UK number one single with a cover of Tommy Roe's sixties smash, 'Dizzy', recorded with comedian Vic Reeves. Released six months or so after their third studio album - 'Never Loved Elvis' - Dizzy was a high point that Miles Hunt and co would never revisit.

And not everyone will remember TWS fondly. Hunt's bravado and apparent belligerence was rarely well received and he was the subject of at least one unfortunate couplet inspired by the Viz character Bertie Blunt whose parrot - ...well, let's just say his parrot wasn't very nice.

Nearly two decades on from their heyday and with the original line-up decimated by division and the sad deaths of two band members, Miles Hunt and The Wonder Stuff are bringing their infectious indie back to the masses with an appearance at the Bearded Theory Festival in Derbyshire in May, headlining on Friday 14th May, joining The King Blues and Dodgy.

It's sure to be a treat, especially if you're in your late thirties and still harbour thoughts of rebellion - even if you've finally stopped defacing exercise books.

[Playing Saturday/ Sunday: New Model Army, Goldblade, Men They Couldnt Hang, Blyth Power, Dreadzone, Neville Staple, Pama International and many more - tickets: £65 for the three days - Ed]

Stewart Darkin