Sustainable Festival Line-up is Enough to Give You Wood - Wood Festival 2010 Tickets Now Available

Posted: 5th February 2010
Wood Festival - Image:

If you live in Oxfordshire and you love music, then you are probably aware of the ever-popular Truck Festival that runs in the summer (July, in fact - we will let you know more about this year's Truck very soon). You may be less aware of its kid sister, the Wood Festival which this year is taking place on May 21st to 23rd at Braziers Park near the small market town of Wallingford.

So what makes Wood so special? It claims to be Britain's greenest festival with renewable and recycled energy being used throughout the weekend, as well as loads of creative activities and informative workshops for the whole family, designed to make us all think twice about slinging yet another take-away foil tray or Tropicana carton into landfill (why not turn them into something else?). They'll also have a bicycle-powered disco - yeah, bring it on! It's also great for families.

But you want music as well, right? 2010 sees experimental art-rockers Tunng and the darling of nu-folk, Fionn Regan lead the pack of a pretty impressive line-up for such a small festival. You've also got Radio 2 Folk Awards winner Martin Simpson on board as well as tons of local bands and singers (to help keep that carbon foot-print down). Incidentally, Regan is due to start a UK tour in a week or so (dates below) with the imminent Feb 8th release of his second album, 'Shadow of an Empire', just before-hand. You can buy his first album, 'The End Of History' by clicking on the Amazon link (sidebar, right).

Tickets cost as follows: Adult weekenders cost £70, Teen weekenders (13yrs to 17yrs) cost £50 and Minor tickets are FREE but must be booked with an Adult (not a Teen) ticket. Now, something worth thinking about - Truck tickets go on sale very soon and it's rumoured there will be a 'Supertrucker' ticket available at the same time. This will give you access to both the Wood and the Truck events for approx £120 (saving you around £30). As soon as we get the Truck details, we will let you know!

In the interests of the local environment (and the fact that the nearby village of Ipsden gets stifled by cars, cars and more cars), Wood organizers are levying you if you drive to the festival. If you share your vehicle (with people NOT animals), it will cost you £10 to park - turn up in a car as Billy or Belinda No-mates and you pay a £5 'fine' and turn up with four (legally safe) passengers then you get a £5 reward! I imagine a few motorist groups getting heated about being 'singled out once again for bad treatment', but I think this is a cracking idea! You can always walk there from Goring and Streatley station - 6km, easy-peasy.

Paul Pledger