'Some Friendly' Advice: Go and See The Charlatans at The Roundhouse in May 2010

Posted: 3rd February 2010
The Charlatans - Image:

Ah … remember the days of 'baggy', that shambly shuffle-beat indie genre that fused bowl-haircuts, 23-inch flares and Ben Sherman t-shirts? The Charlatans were certainly in amongst the bands termed with the description, possibly derived from some smart-arsed journalist who scoffed at the tent-like trousers and tops worn by fans of the bands. Interestingly and unlike many of their rivals, Tim Burgess and his lads have been recording and gigging right from their formation in the late 80s - and fair play.

In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of their fine landmark debut album, 'Some Friendly', they will play a one-off gig at the Camden Roundhouse on May 31st. Tickets go on sale on Friday 5th February and will cost £25 plus the usual add-ons. They intend to play the album in its entirety.

The Charlatans came to prominence and our living rooms by performing 'The Only One I Know' on Top of the Pops, Burgess sporting a considerable eye-tickling fringe I seem to remember. The song became an anthem for the yoof, yet the band was quick to shrug the 'baggy' label off with the funky 'Weirdo', the stoner-rock of 'Can't Get Out of Bed' and eventually the reflective 'A Man Needs To Be Told'. Their last album 'You Cross My Path' (2008) will be followed-up with a new album later in the summer, after 'Some Friendly' gets a deluxe re-issue.

Paul Pledger