First New Material for 30 Years is the Perfect Formula for Partial Magazine Reformation

Posted: 30th January 2010

After hiding in the musical shadows since the original break-up of one of the most important post-punk bands, Dave Formula knows a thing or two about 'slowly does it' - it's taken him nearly three years to get his forthcoming solo album ready for release, let alone take to the stage with Magazine last year for some of the most memorable gigs full stop.

But ready for release it is and with plenty to whet the appetite for, including appearances by singer and songsmith, Howard Devoto, bassist with the golden arm, Barry Adamson and drummer John Doyle as well as further guest pieces from Corinne Drewery and Robert Wyatt. The album will be called 'Satellite Sweetheart' and finally appears on February 15th via Wire-sound. A song from the album is available to watch now and we've got a glimpse right here! It's a perfect example of Formula/Devoto melancholia and bodes well for the rest of the album methinks.

Magazine themselves got in the way of the Dave Formula sessions when they decided to go back on the road - a journey that exceeded the initial mileage of a couple of dates in Oxford, London and Manchester (the latter performance of which has recently been issued on DVD and CD). Further festival dates, the Electric Proms and a spot on Jools Holland, gave wider audiences a chance to see how the hell this inventive band slipped under the so-called radar. It remains to be seen whether the band or Formula alone will appear 'live' in 2010. I'll be content with this album to start with.

Paul Pledger