80s Rewind Festival 2010: Boy George, ABC, Tony Hadley, Heaven 17, Level 42 and more

Posted: 28th January 2010
Rewind South

Grab your leggings, get your hair cut at a jaunty angle (that's presuming you have hair, which you may not if you remember the 80s) and don your winkle-pickers... it's time to celebrate all things 80s in Henley with the 80s Rewind Festival 2010 - line-up just announced.

With the current fashion for all things 80s seemingly not passing, the 80s Rewind Festival 2010 opens its doors for another year, announcing unto the UK the latest batch of acts. I mean, what is it with the 80s, there weren't any good acts were there? Apart from Heaven 17 of course. And ABC. And Marc Almond. Oh yeah, and Imagination. And Kid Creole and the Coconuts (for a brief while), and didn't Kajagoogoo have this really groovy hit, and for a while there Level 42 and Go West both ruled the airwaves, putting out some good material in the process. And I have to confess to Jimmy Somerville giving me the odd bit of pleasure - aurally, of course. And, oh look, dear reader all of the afore-mentioned acts just happen to be appearing at this year's Rewind Festival.

Along with MTV Europe's "Best Act Ever" - who's that then I hear you ask: U2? Coldplay? Jacko? Las Ketchup? Why, of course I am referring to the grand Rick-Roller - Mr Astley (who claimed that very title in 2008 due to some internet hacker with a sense of humour), and Culture Club's Boy George, T'Pau, Tony Hadley, Midge Ure, Modern Romance (Ay Ay Moosey!), 10CC, Odyssey, Chesney Hawkes, Hazel O'Connor and The Beat, Johnny Hates Jazz who between them have notched-up a fair few hits.

All of these and a few more will be attending the second installment of this 80s extravaganza based on Temple Island Meadows in Henley-on-Thames.

Tony Hadley of course, recently had a successful reunion tour with his band Spandau Ballet, playing arenas across the UK and Ireland - and also due to head out on a few summer dates this year at a racecourse near you (presuming you live near Suffolk or Surrey, that is). Boy George reinvented himself as a DJ a decade-and-a-bit ago, then had a spell inside, then carried on with the reinvention, then had a spell inside, then carried on the reinvention. In fact, I believe the film 'Groundhog Day' was loosely based on his life. [now that's a fact, readers - Ed].

Level 42 kissed-and-made up in 2006, with keyboard player Mike Lindup (finally) returning to the fold to complete a pukka line-up. In October, they will head out on their 30th anniversary tour, playing 19 dates across the UK.

Imagination. Hmm.. now there's a band I loved as a kid, who I've heard nothing about for aeons, until original drummer Errol Kennedy started touring his version of Imagination (Errol Kennedy's Imagination) last year, and now, the one that will be appearing at Rewind is original singer, Leee John's version [yes, reader, that is the correct number of "e"s in his name, do not adjust your screen - Ed]. Hopefully, they'll be able to recreate those grooves. They will shortly be heading on a co-headline tour with popsters Modern Romance - another band that have been seemingly quiet, but behind closed doors, we're told have been busily working on an album of new material, with new single 'The 7th Day' due to be released ahead of the festival.

Kid Creole and the Coconuts were recently announced as the opening act for the annual London Latin music festival which is 'La Linea' - due to kick-off on 22nd April. Can you believe I only recently found out that the Kid Creole in the Furious 5 (that's the Grandmaster Flash posse) is in fact a different guy to the one who ate all the coconuts. Damn I'm so stupid sometimes.

So there, dear reader is a brief overview of what's been happening, so let's rewind [ouch - Ed] and get back to what will be happening this summer. The festival takes place between Friday 20th and Sunday 22nd August, with the Saturday and Sunday line-ups thus:


Boy George, Rick Astley, Level 42, Jimmy Somerville, The Weather Girls, T'pau, Kajagoogoo, Heaven 17, Imagination, Curiosity Killed The Cat, Altered Images and Modern Romance


Tony Hadley with special guests ABC and Go West!, Marc Almond, Bjorn Again, Midge Ure, Kid Creole and The Coconuts, Chesney Hawkes, 10CC, Hazel O'Connor, Odyssey, Johnny Hates Jazz and The Beat

Tickets go on sale at 9AM on Friday 29th January, ranging from £45 for an adult day ticket (£22.50 for kids - 12 yrs and under - free for 3 yrs and under) to £85 for the weekend or £100 for an adult camping ticket.

Now then, where did I put my Rubik's Cube...

Daniel O'Connell