Jedward sign to Sony and announce debut single feat. Vanilla Ice for Jan/ Feb 2010 release

Posted: 27th January 2010

Grabbing the bull firmly by the horns, tongue-in-cheek, bequiffed Irish duo John and Edward AKA Jedward have just announced the release date for their debut single.

The identical twins have partnered with 90s gangster rapper (just kidding) Vanilla Ice to record their version of Queen/ David Bowie's 'Under Pressure' first seen in the Winter 2009 X Factor show. What do you mean you hoped it was a first-and-last experience, oh horrid reader! As a hip hop fan, it does amuse me seeing Mr Ice again, reminding me of Ice T's retort back in the 90s when he heard that Vanilla Ice was "from the street":

Street? Street? What street's that? Sesame street?

Of course, you have to put on an Ice T accent for that to work, and delete from your memory that the afore-mentioned baadaass rapper has just last weekend appeared on Celebrity Mr and Mrs… ahem…whatever next? Flava Flav appearing on a UK reality show about farming?…

Anyway, you have to take your hat off to Jedward and their label (Sony, as of a few weeks ago), as they need to maintain the momentum they created during the X Factor shows. Under Pressure will be available to download from iTunes this Sunday (31st January) and will be released as a CD on 15th February - which ties-in nicely with their X Factor Live tour, starting on the very same Monday!

The X Factor Live tour won't be their first live performance since leaving the X Factor, as the duo managed a pair of gigs in Liverpool Stoke-on-Trent just prior to Xmas.

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Daniel O'Connell