What I Meant to Say Was... 'Here is the Sean Hughes UK 2010 Tour Summary'

Posted: 27th January 2010

Cast your mind back to the early 90s and a TV show called 'Sean's Show'. The maker of that show drove us all mad with the catch-phrase, 'bye-bye now, bye-bye now..'. Though this was not as irritating as the Halifax and Go Compare adverts (and surely the Old Bailey will rule in our favour on those two), it nonetheless detracted from an otherwise funny show, beautifully written and delivered by the star of the set, Sean Hughes.

The Irishman with the twinkle in his eye and a darkly-humorous sense of fun continued with more TV throughout the 90s, yet it was his eventual return to stand-up that got us rolling in the aisles. Acerbic, sharp and smart, Hughes plays the little-boy-lost card very well, even at 40-plus years old. He is now due to do it all again with an upcoming UK tour.

The ex-'Never Mind The Buzzcocks' captain kicks off thirty-two nights in Banbury (Mill) on Jan 28th (Thursday) before passing through Colchester (30th - Arts Centre), Exeter (Feb 3rd - Corn Exchange), Felixstowe (5th - Spa Pavillion) and several more communities such as Croydon (6th - Fairfield), Wolverhampton (17th - Grand) and Truro (March 26th - Hall for Cornwall) until a 3-night residency at the Soho Theatre from April 15th to 17th. Tickets for our featured dates below cost from around £15. Enjoy.

Paul Pledger