The Saturdays go down to the Woods for Thetford Forest date, 9th July 2010

Posted: 26th January 2010
Forest Live

If you weren't a fan of forests before (I am, thanks mainly to those Animals of Farthing Wood) then you will be now for lovely lady group 'The Saturdays' are set to play a very special gig at Thetford Forest in Suffolk on Friday 9th July.

The platinum selling five piece have joined up to be one of the big names for this years 'Forestry Commission Live Music' festival, which takes place over the summer in seven different forests around the Country. It is a wonderful experience for anyone to go to, as it provides a beautiful setting to listen to live music, and a wonderful day to appreciate some of the most idyllic areas in the Country. Plus, if you are very lucky, you may see a grumpy badger (stay at a distance though), they're so cool.

Tickets for the shows cost £26.50 (subject to booking fees) and go on sale on Friday 29th January at 9am and will be available via the "tickets" button, below.

Patrick McKiernan