R Kelly for Untitled April 2010 UK Tour

Posted: 24th January 2010

R Kelly, the king of urban RnB (not too much of an overstatement now with the demise of MJ) will swoon his way to the UK this spring.

Having put his demons (and let it be said eyebrow-raising habits) behind him, the Chicago-bred, sex-crazed 'smooth operator' won't back down on explicit lyrical content, telling by his latest release, 'Untitled' (probably for the best). So, in April, R to the K to the E to the Ls to the Y will show his oral prowess to hordes of willingly complying listeners at the Manchester Apollo on the 5th, at the London Hammersmith Apollo on the 9th and at the Wolverhampton Civic Hall on the 11th, and share with them a few tips from his X-rated repertoire. Ahead of the action, playing 'Untitled' in loop will seem like a good idea, if you're planning to attend, that is. In which case, be aware that tickets are now on sale and cost a mere £35 (£40 for the London show) - plus booking fee - for the peep!

Solange Moffi