Everybody Was in the French Resistance... Now - Art Brut/ Blood Arm side-project for Feb 2010 UK Tour

Posted: 17th January 2010
Art Brut

Eddie Argos of Art Brut fame plus Dyan Valdes of The Blood Arm equals what exactly? Everybody Was in the French Resistance... Now. A collaboration of two minds set to fix the charts, to undo the wrongs made in pop music in the past...sounds rather ambitious doesn't it?

So much so that their album release for this side project, Fixin' the Charts, Vol 1, (released 24th Jan 2010) is filled with responses to pop songs. Avril Lavigne is targeted with G.I.R.L.F.R.E.N (You Know I've Got A) and Hey! It's Jimmy Mack, in response to Martha Reeves and the Vendellas. Apparently he's never coming back. [Check to have a sneak listen - Ed]

But Everybody Was in the French Resistance... Now will be sticking around for a while as they embark on a European tour in February. In the UK you can catch them in from 9th February (London) til the 15th (Manchester) before they jet off to the mainland for more fun and frolicks.

Tickets are under £10 (£9.71 in London) and are on sale now.

Kim Sklinar