You Will Love Eyehategod - Rare UK Dates Announced for April 2010

Posted: 13th January 2010

A quick peek at Eyehategod's My Space page reveals a few songs that start at a fresh old pace, yet slow right down to a crawl like a big old truck losing fuel with flat tyres on a steep uphill climb - with someone nailed to the axle, screaming for mercy. That kind of sums up their intense mix of grunge and sludge and further detective work, as to the band members' identity, unearths a sense of humour as well. The lead singer is Mike IX Williams (verbs, nouns, hostile laryngitis and stolen property) and the bassist is Gary Mader (low-end bass-rig negativity and pathogenic neurotic impairment). Go to the site and check out the other 'job descriptions' - you've gotta love 'em!

And you now have a chance to - Eyehategod are back in the UK for some lovely disturbing gigs for your delectation. They kick off (more like 'slouch forward') the tour in Cardiff on April 2nd at the city's Millenium Music Hall, takes in the usual biggies before ending at London's ULU on the 10th. Short, sweet and very loud.

Although the lads haven't released new material since 2004 (the album 'Preaching The "End Time" Message' and an EP '99 Miles Of Bad Road'), their catalogue is revered throughout the world as the epitome of so-called 'stoner-rock' and has been for 20 years.

Paul Pledger