From Brent to Madison Square - Ricky Gervais Announces 2010 Wembley Dates and World Tour

Posted: 12th January 2010
Ricky Gervais

One of Britain's most successful writer-cum-comedians has announced confirmed Wembley dates as part of a proposed world tour later this year. He plans to hit the capital's Wembley Arena on April 26th and 27th with tickets going on sale on Friday 22nd January. He then continues onto the States and a further 20 or so countries, finally reaching some of the audiences that have viewed 'The Office' (over 90 countries have transmitted the ground-breaking docu-comedy since its inception).

All this is a far cry from his more humble beginnings in comedy TV performances on 'The Sketch Show' and 'Comedy Lab', as well as the potty-mouthed character on the '11 O'clock Show'. But it was the success of the spoof-documentary about a paper merchants (Wernham-Hogg) based in Slough and run by the obnoxious office boss, David Brent, that propelled him to stardom. The even more superior masterpiece, 'Extras', about a doomed bit-part actor who fails to get work due in part to his gormless agent Darren Lamb, played by Stephen Merchant, also hit the heights.

There are plans to convert his successful 'Flanimals' books into a film during 2011.

Gervais' stand-up tours ('Animals', 'Politics' and 'Fame') have also been a huge success of course and all have sold out world-wide, including his recent 'Science' tour in the UK. It is expected that this World Tour will probably do the same! Better set that organizer for the 22nd then!

Update - Extra Dates!

A third London date (28th April) has just been added (now on sale), as well as two dates each in Manchester (13th and 14th) and Cardiff (19th and 20th April). Tickets for the Manchester and Cardiff dates go on sale Friday 29th January at 9AM, priced at £30 + booking fee.

Paul Pledger