Soho Ho Ho Theatre Comedy - New Chuckles Just Announced at the Dean Street Venue for 2010

Posted: 7th January 2010
Tim Key

If you need a giggle (and don't we all when 'Hole In The Wall' appears in the schedules) then the Soho Theatre might be worth considering, especially since their recently announced winter comedy season has had an additional load of gigs confirmed. Hurrah!

The Pajama Men

US duo The Pajama Men will play a month-long residency from Jan 6th to Feb 6th, providing award-winning surrealism and generally chaotic knockabout comedy for the princely sum of £12.50. Messrs Allen and Chavez will introduce a train-load of freaks and weirdos in their inimitable style.

Tim Key

Edinburgh Comedy award-winner, Tim Key, plays a dozen or so nights from Feb 9th to 20th (£15 - £17.50). His show is subtitled 'The Slutcracker' (don't ask) features prose and poetry derived from the mind of a man on the edge - that'll be Tim then. If you want to know more about Mr Key, his website says this: 'Tim Key is thirty'. Of course he is.

Tommy and the Weeks

Four days of Tommy and the Weeks grab you? Of course it does. The crazy duo, consisting of comedians Tom Bell and Ed Weeks, will fire insults around and perform sketches for just £10, starting on March 3rd until the 6th.

Russell Kane

March also sees other acts performing the (very) odd gig, including bizarre Phil Nichol ( 4th to 13th - £10), feisty Susan Calman (5th and 6th - £10), 'Fakespeare' bard Russell Kane (9th to 13th - £10), cheeky Shappi Khorsandi (May 4th to 8th - £10) and the familiar self-effacing, award-winning Sean Hughes (April 15th to 17th - £12.50) with his new show, "What I Meant To Say Was.....".

Tickets are on sale now. Enjoy.

Paul Pledger