Ash Take their A to Z Into Orbit with New Single and Video, out 18th Jan, 2010

Posted: 5th January 2010
Ash - Image:

You may remember The Wedding Present releasing twelve consecutive monthly singles back in the 90s in an attempt to break the Top 40 with all of them. They actually succeeded as well, with each one containing a Weddoes-style interpretation of a cover on the flip (these were 7" singles, techy-fans).

Tim Wheeler and his Ash boys are doing something a bit similar but on a far grander (and more adventurous) scale with the release of 26 singles over a fortnightly timescale, again with a few covers chucked in for good measure. None of them have made the Top 40 (the charts now full of adolescent ringtones, not 7" novelties), but the band don't care - it's all part of the fun. Each sleeve cover is colour-coded with a letter on the front, counting from A to Z. We are now up to 'H'.

The eighth choice is the rather jolly 'Space Shot' which is being given the promotional radio-plugging treatment, plus a dandy little video directed by Daniel Garcia (TV On The Radio and Flying Lotus). You can watch it above, because we're good like that. The single is backed with a reading of Carly Simon's excellent 'Coming Round Again' and the Beach Boys' 'Do You Wanna Dance'.

Ash will be following up their mammoth 26-date (what else?) 2009 tour during this coming year. The band played from Aldershot to Zennor (it's in Cornwall) and all alphabetical points in between to help announce the singles series. I like their style. What's the betting that Zeal Monachorum (it's in Devon) gets a visit sometime soon…

Paul Pledger