Portishead Shed a Tear for Amnesty International - Exclusive Track Now Up For Purchase

Posted: 22nd December 2009

That's tear as in tearing paper, not crying. Sometimes we music journos get a bit desperate for headlines, not so here. The definition really does apply either way. Yes, Portishead have recorded and released a cracking new song to support the human charity, Amnesty International. It's called 'Chase the Tear' and, I kid you not, it's pretty bloody good. If you adored 'The Rip' from their recent-ish 'Third' album, then you will warm to this insistent and hypnotic song. I'm going to buy the bloody thing - I've played it four times and I feel a bit guilty already.

'Chase the Tear' costs just 99p with all proceeds going to the charity that may well have bothered you on every High Street up and down the land, but has also coerced rancid little governments to review their policies and listen to the voice of reason. Some people deserve to be locked up - but nobody deserves prejudice or wrongful treatment. Sadly some developed countries automatically apply this policy.

7digital have secured exclusive rights to sell this top Portishead track and fair play to the band - it is better than most of their last album (oh yes it is) and they've pretty much allowed you to grab it for a quid.

Portishead have been fairly quiet since 'Third' although Geoff Barrow has been immersed in his own project, Beak, who have recently unveiled their experimental album to mixed reviews.

You can also give the gift of download by logging onto 7digital ( and following the instructions.

Check the video for the song, above right.

Paul Pledger