Rufus Wainwright Brings his Prima Donna to the Capital in April 2010

Posted: 15th December 2009
Rufus Wainwright

After a successful premier in Manchester during the Summer, Rufus Wainwright's elegiac opera, 'Prima Donna' returns to the UK with a special short run at Sadler's Wells in April 2010.

The diva-influenced and inspired piece will be performed on April 12th , 14th, 16th and 17th and tickets are now on sale, priced from £10 up to £65.

Wainwright has produced his first full-blown opera, based on the life and times of a diva, Regine St. Laurent, set in the 1970s in Paris. From rising star to fading flower, soprano St. Laurent is set to return to the spotlight once more, a decision that is far from easy with several ghosts and skeletons lurking in the wardrobe. The Opera debuted at the 2009 Manchester International Festival.

Rufus Wainwright has produced several solo albums over the last decade or so, including the triumphant double-pairing, 'Want One' and 'Want Two'. His recent 2007 album, 'Release the Stars', has been his most successful to date and plans are afoot to follow it up in 2010.

Please note that Wainwright does NOT appear in the opera - he has merely written and directed it - as if 'merely' really justifies the efforts!

Update: An Evening with Rufus Wainwright

Join Rufus for 'An Evening with Rufus Wainwright' across venues in the UK from 17th April. Tickets will cost £27.50 + booking fee and go on sale this Friday (18th Dec) at 9AM.

Paul Pledger