Fat Friday (Dec 11th 2010): On Sale Today - Ronan, Westlife, Rat Pack, Rhianna, Biffy, Hadouken!, Cirque du Soleil and Naked Girls!! Yes!!

Posted: 11th December 2009

Well, it's getting closer to Christmas - 14 days to go... Got your presents sorted out yet? No? Panic not - there are some top 'just-on-sale' ideas right here. Give the gift of music this year - yes, it might only be a piece of paper but in a few weeks / months time, it will feel like Christmas all over again when they go to your bright idea called a gig, concert or play. Hurry though - Mr Postman will be hanging his mail-sack up soon (or going on strike)......


Let's start with the big boys. Westlife are always a sell-out wherever they play. Next May they have several dates confirmed around the UK - Belfast went on sale yesterday (and flying), the remainder are on sale now at around £38, a bargain for ten years worth of ballady sweetness.

the Rat Pack Live From Las Vegas

If you fancy watching real crooners from the past (well sort of 'real'), the Rat Pack Live From Las Vegas show arrives in three cities next year. With over 150 years of tonsil-tickling between them, Frank, Sammy and Tony do it all again in Oxford (Feb 2010), Liverpool (May 2010) and Bristol (June 2010). Tickets are around £26.

Ronan Keating

Housewife's choice, Ronan Keating, will be causing unbridled warm flushes and salty eyelids at a few venues as well. New dates have been added in Glasgow (Feb 20th), Sheffield (22nd) and the Royal Albert Hall (March 11th) - on sale now.


Judging by the gloomy skies lately, it will soon be time to put up your umbrella -a -a -a, which leads me very tenuously to Rhianna's tour in May. The 'Rated R' tour (the 'R' standing for Raunchy? Rihanna? Rainy?) starts on May 7th in Birmingham and conquers many other cities for around £39.50. They've just gone on sale!

Biffy Clyro

If good old rock n roll is more your bowl of wheaty-flakes, then head for the Biffy Clyro tour instead. Seven dates have just gone on sale for their April/May tour next year, priced at £22.


Much-loved indie-rockers, Hadouken! will also be hitting the road in 2010 - seventeen gigs to be exact and all between Feb 16th and March 31st. They've all gone on sale this morning - prices are around £14.

Cirque Du Soleil - Saltimbanco

If you fancy a show or two then we have the award-winning and inspiring Cirque Du Soleil - Saltimbanco summer Arena tour up for grabs right now. Seven locations and 34 dates but don't hang about - tickets retail for around £40 (depending on where you sit!).

Calendar Girls

If you fancy a performance of a completely different kind (and very British I might add), then more tickets for 'Calendar Girls' are on sale today. These are for the short run at the Birmingham Hippodrome during June and July next year - tickets start from £17.50.

And finally.... the following festivals are ready for your credit card right now. Hard Rock Calling 2010 with Pearl Jam (Hyde Park - Jun 25th), Wireless Festival 2010 with Pink (Hyde Park - July 2nd) and Lovebox with Dizzee Rascal (Hackney - July 16th).

Happy clicking!!

Paul Pledger